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Do you believe in extraterrestrial?
Do you think our government has knowledge of them?
Have you ever wondered why they don’t make contact with us?
Do you think they worship the same God as Earth people?

Ghost Women, (In search of DNA), will interest you.

It was 1944. Charlie had to avoid contact with the inhabitants. He didn’t. He got the FBI’s attention and fell in love with Margaret Hoffman, an Earth Woman. He wanted to be left alone. He wasn’t. Charlie was killed when his half-alien daughter Elizabeth was fifteen months old. Ever since then mother and daughter have lived on the run hiding from governments and evil people.

Sixty-three years later, Elizabeth looks like a twenty-year-old woman. The single fertile egg cell in her womb needs a donor’s DNA to start the process. Elizabeth and her ninety-year-old mother leave their hideout in Mexico on a dangerous quest, in search of DNA.

She remembered Jacob Andrews, a boy she met forty years ago in America and wants his DNA. It will not be easy. The Vatican, the FBI, and a powerful drug lord are after her. Will her telepathic abilities be enough to battle the impossible odds against her?