GL1800 Tips & Projects

Like most Gold Wingers I have added a few thing to my bike and have tried a few modifications also. I have tried to document as much as I can so I can share it with you. I will also like to thank all of you that have provided me with tips and suggestions. This is my way of giving back for all the help that I have received.

Mods and Tips
GL1800 Com Pin Out Fender Cut Outs None Honda CB
Wiring 101 Big Bike Light Tips Auxiliary Fuse Block
12v Air Compressor   Power Port
Trunk Rattle Tire Air Pressure Wiring Lights
Tulsa Wiring Lights Eye Ware Mud Flap
CB Antenna Tuning Cruise Control Adjustment Sierra Electronics Antenna
Heated Clothing Project Side Cover Vents Brake Pedal Mod
Motorcycle 12v Meter    
Repairs Tool Tips Home Made Trailers
CSC Axle Repair Scew Driver Mod Harbor Freight Trailer 1
  My Motocycle Tool Kit Harbor Freight Trailer 2
    Home-built Motorcycle Trailer
My CSC Trike Mods My Rifle and Pistol Projects Motorcycle Cargo Trailer
CSC Running Lights Mod Scoping a Romanian M69 22LR Shopping for a Motorcycle Trailer
CSC Trike Stop Lights Mod Beretta Neos U22 Magazine Mod HR Pull Behind Trailer