Sierra Electronics Antenna

Revised: 02/04/2003


First I need to explain that I do not have a Honda CB. I installed a handheld CB on the left handlebar, of my 2002 GL1800 Gold Wing. After a little research I had three possible antenna options to choose from. I could go to the local CB shop and rig something, buy the Honda CB antenna, or buy the new Sierra Electronics combo CB/FM fiberglass antenna. I decided on the Sierra Electronics. These are my reasons:


I installed a Tulsa windshield, on my bike, and it slopes back more than the OEM windshield. The rubber duck antenna on the CB interfered with the windshield and I did not want to redo the CB mount, so I had a good excuse to buy another accessory.

Sierra Electronics


Sierra Electronics

CB/Radio antenna with splitter # SIE-GL18ANTKT1


Radio Shack

Female Motorola type connector             # 274-710


Radio Shack

RG-58 Coax Cable Assembly 12Ft         # 278-965



  1. First I unrolled the 12 ft RG-58 Coax Cable Assembly, # 278-965.
  2. The RG-58 Coax Cable Assembly has BNC connectors at both ends. I cut one of the BNC connectors off. I only need one BNC connector to connect to the handheld CB. At the other end of the cable I will install a female Motorola type connector a little later.
  3. I then ran the cut end of the coax cable from the left handlebar down to where the handlebar bolts on to the fork.
  4. Then I carefully and with some patience ran the cable down the left side under the shelter and gas tank back to under the seat.
  5. At the end of the coax cable under the seat , I installed the Female Motorola type connector # 274-710, so I could connect the to the Sierra Electronics CB/FM antenna splitter.
  6. I used black nylon tie-straps to secure the cable in place.