12v Power Port

Revised: 02/07/2003


I wanted to use a portable 12-volt air compressor, on my GL1800, but I did not have a power port (cigarette lighter plug). I also plan to use the power port to recharge my cell phone while I ride.

My plan is to install two power plugs:

  1. One power port wired to the accessories fuse box and is Hot when the key is set to ON or accessories.
  2. The other power port wired to the battery and is always hot


Local Boat Shop Marine-grade 12V Receptacle 12VRC
Advance Auto Parts 14ga wire 20’ roll  
Advance Auto Parts Buss ATC in-line fuse holder BP/HHG
Advance Auto Parts Assorted crimp-on connectors  

The 12-Volt Power Receptacle:

I looked in Wal-Mart, Auto Zone, Advanced Auto Parts, and boat shops for the right 12-volt receptacle. I should rephrase what I just wrote. I was looking for the best 12-volt receptacle for my needs and likes. I say this because I found 12-volt receptacle that start as low as .99 cents and as high as $19.99.


I choose to buy a 12-volt receptacle that is made of corrosion-resistant marine-grade materials and has a watertight sealing cap. The receptacle mounts in a 1-1/8" diameter opening, and uses a threaded locking ring to secure from behind or optional mounting plated to secure from the front.

The 12-volt receptacle is rated at 15-amp capacity, which is more than enough for my portable air compressor.


The Wire:

Crimp-on Connector Color Codes

Color of Connector
Size of Wire
Red R
18-20-22 gauge
Blue B
14-16 gauge
Yellow Y
10-12 gauge


I used the wire chart as a reference. The 12-volt receptacle is rated a 15-amps and after routing the wire the longest stretch, of wire, would be about 8 feet, so I decided that 14ga wire would more than adequate. The 12-volt receptacle came with 2 crimp-on connectors, but I needed 2 more. I already had some on hand from other projects.

The In-line Fuse Holder:

To provide protection to the electrical circuits from overloads you must use a fuse or a circuit breaker. There are several types of in-line fuse holders. There are ATC, Mini, Glass, and circuit breaker type of fuse holders. For the power port I used a 15-amp fuse.


The Layout:

Connection to the M/C Fuse Box:


Connection to the auxiliary fuse block with a master ground block:


This is the most suggested wiring for a power port: