Tire Air Pressure

Revision: 01/15/2006


All motorcycle manufactures recommend that you check your tire air pressure before riding. The main reason is not to prolong tire life but to prolong your life. The question is what is the proper tire air pressure.


Air is considered a gas and it expands when heated and contracts when cooled. Large air volume tires air less critical  like 18 wheeler tires.  Motorcycle and bicycle tires are more critical and are affected more by temperature changes. A simple rule, of thumb, is for every 10° Fahrenheit of temperature change in air temperature, the tire's inflation pressure changes by 1psi.




Based on several GL1800 Gold Wing Message Boards I came to the conclusion the best combination for personal safety and longer tire life is to maintain the front and back tires at 41psi. Another important item to consider it a good tire gauge. The above picture show some of the air pressure gauges that I have. I can't say which is better than another other than you get what you pay for. Buy a quality name brand. I say this from experience.

I bought a small handy inexpensive tire gauge because it was small and easy to carry on the Gold Wing. I filled the front and back tires to 41psi and the bike felt like was riding on rock tires. I stopped at the first gas station and rechecked the tires. I bought a old fashion pencil type air gauge at the gas station, for $2.99, and rechecked tires. They showed 49psi.