New Year's Email

I felt restless, could not sleep, was feeling lonely, and feeling a little sorry for my self, so I got out of bed and sat at my computer desk. I started to work on my personal web site revising some documents and uploading images. The house was quiet and the only sound heard came from the keyboard. I was startled by a loud blast that came from outside. There was another blast, and then another. I looked at the clock on the computer screen and told myself "Happy New Year";. I was feeling sorry for myself and had a bout of depression. I told myself that I had nothing to be happy for. I got up and walked outside onto the front porch. I could see the fireworks exploding high above the Tower of the Americas at the Hemisfair. Some cars had gathered in front of my house, on the street. There were couples and families sitting on the hoods of their cars watching the spectacular firework display. I looked at the families and couples that were enjoying the show and I started my pity mood again and went back inside to work on the computer. I was working then a message popped up, on the computer screen, indicating that I had just received a new email. I was curious who was sending me email that time in the morning on New Years. I open the message and it was from a man from a small town in North Dakota. In the message, he wrote that he was looking at my web site and that when he refreshed the screen, he noticed that some changes had been made. He asked me what was I doing working on a personal web site when I should be celebrating the New Year with friends and love ones and that I should be at a party somewhere having fun.

I gave the message some thought, started feeling lonelier, and felt even more pity for myself. I responded to his message and was determine to let him know how bad off I was, how lonely I was, and that he should pity me. I wrote that I felt restless, could not sleep, my three sons lived out of town and did not call me, I was not invited to any parties, and that my wife had to leave town and visit her mother, but that Friday after work I was going to pick up my wife. I also asked him why he was surfing the Internet when he should be celebrating the New Year with friends and love ones and that he should be at a party somewhere having fun. I sent the email and went back to work on my web page.

A few minutes later, a message popped up on the computer screen indicating that I had new email. I did not expect the man to rely. I opened the message and he wrote that he felt restless and could not sleep, and that his kids lived out of town. He wrote that shortly before midnight he pulled his wife's new party dress out of the closet and laid it on the bed. He said that he spent New Years looking at his wife's new party dress. He told me that just 20 days ago he drove his wife all over town looking for that dress. His wife was looking forward to spending New Years with several couples, and that she wanted a new dress for the occasion. He said that once his wife picked the dress that she wanted he drover her all over town again looking for shoes to match. He said that she should have been wearing that dress tonight and enjoying the season, but she had passed away. He told me that I was very fortunate because on Friday after work I would see my wife again.

I sat at my chair staring at the computer screen. I stopped feeling lonely and sorry for myself. I had to answer but I did not know what to say to the man that I didnot know. I did know that I would not ask what happened to his wife. I wrote and told him that I did not have the words to comfort him and that I could only imagine his pain. I told him that this New Year would a difficult one, but I sincerely hopped that next New Years that he would be in the company of family and friends and not alone suffering the Internet.

I powered off the computer and remembered the words of that stranger. He said I was very fortunate because on Friday after work I would see my wife again.