A Hero

From the beginning of time, there have been individuals who have accomplished great deeds of heroism, known as Heroes. I am not referring to Heroes that wear capes and masks. I'm not referring to the tall, dark, and handsome men or the tall, blond, blue eyed women that Hollywood shows us, as the ideal heroes. How does one become a hero? Are there three easy steps for the making of a Hero? What are the qualificationsneeded to be a hero? The dictionary defines a hero as "a person distinguished for exceptional courage, fortitude, or bold enterprise. One idealized for superior qualities or deeds of any kind". To understand how one becomes a hero some cases of heroism should be studied.

Twelve year old Susie was rushed to the hospital after being injured in an automobile accident. At the hospital Susie's family waited nervously for any news. Her parents and her ten-year-old sister Judy waited in the lobby praying for a miracle. The doctor came out of the emergence room with a worried look on his face. The doctor talked to Susie's parents, and after talking to them, they all approached Judy. Judy knew that something was wrong because Mom was crying and Dad had tears in his eyes. Judy's Mom knelt down by her. She tenderly caressed Judy's cheeks with her hands and said, "Sweetheart your sister is very sick. The doctor said Susie has lost a great deal of blood and if we are to keep Susie from going with Grandpa she must have a blood transfusion. Sweetheart, your sister has a rare blood type and there is no time to find the same blood. Honey, you have the same blood type as your sister: Honey, would you be willing to give your sister some of your blood so that she can get better? Judy looked up at her Dad and then at her Mom and said, "Mommy, if I give my blood to Susie she will get well, and not go with Grandpa?"; That is right Sweetheart. You can make your sister get better with your special blood. Shortly after their conversation Judy was lying down. Mom was at her side. The nurse hovered over Judy making the necessary preparations for the transfusion. Judy looked at her Mom and spoke to her in a most reverent manner. " Mommy, Daddy knows I love him and I love you very much. I love Susie too. Mommy, tell Susie she can have all my dolls. I'm going to miss everybody. It well be nice to see Grandpa again I have so many things to tell him." Not understanding what a blood transfusion was, little Judy thought that she was sacrificing her life so that her sister would live... Was little Judy a Hero?

A young man heard his neighbor screaming from inside his house, which was engulfed in flames. He dashed into the flaming inferno attempting to save his neighbor from a painful death. In the past that neighbor had been a hateful man towards him. Without hesitation, and disregarding the neighbor's hateful attitude towards him, the young man gave his life trying to save him...Was that young man a hero? A young soldier asked his commanding officer permission to go between the trenches to bring back a wounded soldier. The office gave his permission but said to him, "You are wasting your time. It is not worth it, most likely the soldier is dead and the fighting is so intense you might not make it back." The young soldier went anyway. He managed to get to the soldier through the intense fighting. He lifted him onto his back and struggled his way back to the trench. When he jumped into trench the officer came and said to him, "Son, I told you it was not worth it. Your friend is dead and you are seriously wounded." The young soldier said, "Sir it was worth it". The officer was puzzled and said , "Son, you don't understand your friend is dead and you are seriously wounded. It was not worth it.". The young soldier replied, "Ser, it was worth it. When I reached him, he said I knew you would come back for me." Was that young soldier a hero?

Heroism is not reserved for men only. There have been acts of accomplished by children and women. There is a powerful force that drives many of us to perform deeds of heroism. Studying some of the heroic actions of men, women, children, and the elderly has shown that there are a few qualifications necessary to be a hero. The first two qualifications, unselfishness and a pure love seems to be the driving force that gives man the will and the strength to serve his fellow brother even if the ultimate price has to be paid. Rest assure the making of Hero does not require blue eyes, blond hair, being handsome, being beautiful or the ideal weight. What is required is a humble heart, a loving soul, and an unselfish mind. The physical features of the body are of no importance.