Super Seer Helmet Shield


I was looking for a flip-up face shield for my open-face helmet. I saw an add of the Super Seer Vari-Shields, in one of the magazine that I receive and decided to check out their web site.



I bought the Smoke Gradient Tinted Shield #RS-5 face shield direct from the company Super Seer Corporation. Delivery took longer than normal but I did receive the face-shield after an email or two.


When I received the face shield I took a look at the construction and the materials used. The shield looked well made and felt sturdy. I snapped the face-shield on my open-face helmet utilizing the 3 snaps on top of the helmet. The snaps felt tight and secure. I put on the helmet and the face shield did not interfere with the boom mic, of the headset; there has plenty of room. I was immediately impressed by the clear and distortion free lens. I got on my Gold wing and went for a ride. I drove around town and noticed that the gradient tint on the shield started at my eyebrow level and above which meant that I was looking though the clean portion of the lens rather than the gradient tint. If I tilted my helmet slightly down and also tilted my head slightly downward I could barely make use of the tint. Basically I had a clear face shield and I had to use my sunglasses. I stopped at a gas station to flip-up and tried to flip the face-shield up. I was used to flipping the shield up with one hand, but with the Super Seer Vari-Shield it was not as easy. Rather than flipping out and up the Super Seer Vari-Shield has to be slid up and I had to use both hands and play with it to make it go up, and to lower the shield I had to do the same. On the highway cruising at 70 I noticed some distortion on the lens and noticed that the face-shield was vibrating due to the wind buffering coming around the Gold Wing's windshield. I tried to move the face-shield down to snug it into place and noticed that face-shield has about 3/4 of an inch on free play and the slightest wind would cause it to move. I went back home and parked the Gold Wing. I got on my Honda Aero that has NO windshield and got on the highway again. At about 65 MPH I passed 18-wheeler and the Super Seer Vari-Shields felt like it was going to come off the helmet.


At home I took a close look at the face shield. The snaps that are attach to the face shield have too much play especially the center snap. Most of the play comes from the center snap.


1 through 5, 5 being the highest score.

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Was I happy with my purchase? 1
Would I purchase another? 1
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Additional Comments:

I emailed Super Seer Corporation and expressed my dissatisfaction with the face shield. Super Seer Corporation. Their response was that I could use some pliers to tighten the snaps and if I was still not happy I could return the face shield for a refund. I bought the Smoke Gradient Tinted Shield #RS-5 six months ago and it may not be the same one being sold today.