Piggy Backer XL Trailer

Revision: 08/30/2008


After taking several long trips I decided maybe it was time to look for a motorcycle trailer. First I needed to set my search criteria. I frequently confuse my needs with my wants. I had to be honest with myself. I tried to buy a used motorcycle trailer but there are few trailers for sale, and the few did see they wanted too much. When you are on a budget price is a big deal.


I was going to make a trailer out of a Harbor Freight trailer and a Sears's cargo carrier, but decided to purchase the Piggy Backer XL. Piggy Backer has two models for $695 and $895. I opted for the XL model with independent suspension and 12 inch wheels.



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The trailer shipped disassembled in a box and on a pallet. An envelope with assembly instructions and a CD with pictures came with the trailer.

A The frame is welded not bolted and painted.

The trailer kit came with a spare tire on a chrome rim. Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge The hitch is chrome and I really like the cooler rack.

This is a side view of the torsion suspension with out the hub.

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I removed the hub bearing cap to view the grease. A s you can see the grease looked like clear hair gel.

I cleaned the Vaseline like grease and repacked the bearings with high temperature Lithium grease.

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A view of the modified lid hinge.

A 1/2 inch copper coupling is used as the locking mechanism.

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I added heavy-duty picture frame hangers to 4 of the bolts inside to be used with bungee cords to secure luggage.



My Review:

The welded frame made assembly simple. If all goes right, you should be able to assemble the trailer in an hour. It took me much longer because on one side the holes used to bolt the torsion suspension did not have enough slack to align the torsion assembly with the frame. I pulled out my Dermal tool and after 3 grinding wheels, I was able to enlarge the hole enough to align the suspension.


I used a 3.0V electric screwdriver to screw the small screws. The first two screws striped. The screws shipped with the trailer are made of soft metal and strip easy. I did not continue and headed to Home Depot to buy some replacement screws.


When I finished assembling the trailer, I open the lid back as far as it could go and the back of the lid scraped the fender removing the black paint where it made contact. Ouch! The fender was not damaged, but there is a 2-inch bare spot where the paint was rubbed off. I shorten the hinges on the lid and modified it so I could lock it open.


I decided to inspect the bearings and found little grease that looked like clear hair gel. I cleaned the bearings and packed them with high temperature lithium grease.


Finally, I had to modify the electrical connection. My Gold Wing has a 5-wire insulator system and the trailer has a 4-wire hock up. I added a fifth wire used for the brake. I added several LED lights for stoplights.


Whoops Trailer


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Review Comments Rating
Was I happy with my purchase? 4
Would I purchase another? 3
Would I recommend it? 3

Additional Comments:

The trailer does the job is was intended to do and it pulls great. If you are handy with your hands, like customizing, and like figuring things out then the Piggy Packer is good for you. The trailer is not a high quality trailer. You get what you pay for.