Chatter Box Headset


The first accessory that I decided to buy, for my Silver 2002 Gold Wing, was a pair of headsets. My wife had developed some hand signals to convey messages, to me, and I thought that intercom communications was a much better alternative. The nest step was to decide which headset to buy. After a little research three brands, of headsets, stood out. Two of them really stood out with the price tags. I am a believer of “You get what you pay for” and I had to decide weather the ChatterBox Noise Reducing Headsets would be a smart purchase since they cost about half the price of the other two brands that I had considered. I based my review on the following:

  1. Intercom communication
  2. CB communication.
  3. Installation in an open face helmet.




I bought the headsets, on the Internet for $79.00 each. They were very easy to install. I thought installing the headsets would be difficult, but it took about 5 minutes per helmet and I was done. The ear wells on my HJC FG-K helmet were perfect. I had to work at my wife’s helmet a little more. Intercom communication worked great. My wife stopped using hand signals and stopped tapping me on the helmet. It makes a long ride more enjoyable. The CB communication also worked well and the boom mike is just about the right length and it easy to adjust. For just voice communication you can’t go wrong, with the ChatterBox Noise Reducing Headsets,especially for the price of the headsets. On the negative side, the music did not sound very good over the headset. The music sounded like it was coming out of a coffee can. I’m not much for listing to music while riding, so I can live with the coffee can sound.


1 through 5, 5 being the highest score.

Review Comments Rating
Was I happy with my purchase? 5
Would I purchase another? 5
Would I recommend it? 5

Additional Comments:

I got to listen to music through another ChatterBox Noise Reducing Headsets and the music sounded fantastic. A fellow winger replaced the speakers with some Koss speakers that he bought a Wal-Mart. He said he paid $9.99 for the Koss headset. If I decide to do the same I will post a write-up on this web site.