GL1800 Trunk Rattle

Revision: 06/17/2003


I noticed a trunk rattle, on my GL1800, when I riding on rough roads. Some times the rattle was louder than other times. I attribute the trunk rattle to the rubber trunk gasket that seals the trunk lid from the elements is loose and very soft, and the hinges on the trunk have too much horizontal slack. A couple of my chapter buddies gave me some suggestions to resolve the problem and I thought I would pass them along.


I used 1/8 nylon tubing
Soft felt backing from Velcro.


  1. Before getting started I sprayed some WD-40 lubricant on the nylon tubing.
  2. I opened the trunk and at the back of the trunk I located where the truck gasket meet.
  3. I inserted one end of the nylon tubing in one of the gasket openings and started pushing the nylon tubing into the gasket.
  4. I was able to get about 75 percent around the trunk before having problems.
  5. The rest of the way I had to push and pull the nylon tubing the rest of the way.
  6. The last thing I did was to paste two pieces of the soft Velcro felt on both sides of the trunk.
trunk rattle