GL1800 Side Cover Vents

Revised: 02/27/2005


After I finished with the front fender, I decided to do the same to the bike' side covers. I can't see any reason for the vent holes other than for looks, so I decided to add reflectors.

The reflector:

For the side covers, I used the same thin reflectors that I bought at Wal-Mart for $1.99.


  1. I removed the side covers, laid them face down.
  2. I trimmed the reflector to match the size of the vent hole. The vent holes are angled shaped and curved.
  3. I placed the reflector on top of the vent opening.
  4. Then I used a heat gun to soften the reflector. Once the reflector heated up it shaped itself to the opening.
  5. I used black silicon weather striping glue to secure the reflectors.

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