GL1800 Front Fender Cut-outs

Revision: 11/26/2003


I kept looking at the front fender of my 2002 wing, and I didn't like the look of the cut-outs on the fender. I'm not sure if it is cosmetic of it serves a purpose, but I decided to fill the cut-outs with something.


This was a simple and inexpensive project. I bought some thin reflectors at Wal-Mart for $1.99 and trimmed them down to a smaller size. I used some weather striping glue that I had in my tool box and glued the reflectors on the inside of the fender.
I decided to remove the fender to do the job, but I suppose I could have done it without removing the fender, but I wanted to clean the inside of the fender, so the glue would hold better. I glued one reflector first waited for the glue to set then glued the other side. While I waited for the glue to set I cleaned the tire and wheel.


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