GL1800 Cruise Control Adjustment

Revision: 03/10/2006


I’ve been riding my 2002 GL1800 for several years putting up with the annoying cruise control lag. I finally decided to fix the problem. Thanks to fellow Gold Wingers that took the timer to write the instructions I was able to accomplish the task. I used the following link for reference. I wrote these instructions with a little more detail and took pictures for anyone to use. Control Tips.htm



  1. #5 hex screw driver
  2. #2 Philips screw driver
  3. 8mm wrench
  4. 10mm wrench
  5. a couple of feet of string/twine


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The Fix:

  1. First remove both speaker grills by pulling down on the top of the speaker grill with your fingernail. You might need to use both hands.
  2. Use the #6 hex screw driver remove the hex bolt inside speaker opening and also remove the popup/down plastic rivet. Both sides have a screw and plastic rivet. Image1
  3. Lift up the instrument cover with both hands about 3 to 4 inches. Reach under the instrument cover and disconnect the wire connector that goes to the display control panel. Image2The connector can be stubborn and you may need a small flat blade screw driver to release the lock clip on the connector.
  4. Remove the instrument cover. View of bike without the instrument cover. Image3
  5. Use a #2 Philips screw driver to unscrew two screws located to the left and right, of the ignition switch. Image4
  6. The cruise control adjuster is located, to the right of the ignition key, several inches down. Image5
  7. Pull the black plastic guard cover back away from the ignition switch and secure it using string or twine. I tied it back to the right side handlebar.
  8. The adjuster is the long 8mm nut and the locking nut is 10mm. Backing out the long 8mm nut removes the slack in the cruise control cable, but before making any adjustments, read the following first.


There is no set or number of turns for a proper adjustment. This is a trial and error adjustment. Gold Wingers on several message boards have commented that it took as little as to 2 turns and as much as 5 turns. If you over tighten the adjuster the expect your to bike over accelerate when the cruise control is activated. That can be scary. Tie the wrenches with string or twine just in case you drop them while making the adjustment. Better safe than sorry.

  1. I started my initial adjustment by backing out the long 8mm nut 3 full turns. I test rode the bike without the instrument cover. The lag was just about gone. I backed out the adjuster an additional ½ turn making it a total of 3 ½ turns and test rode the bike again. The cruise control engaged perfectly.
  2. Reinstall the instrument cover and speaker grills in reverse order and you’re done.