GL1800 Brake Pedal Mod

Revised: 10/03/2004


I saw the Kuryakyn brake pedal for the GL1800 that sell for around $69.00. I liked the looks of the brake pedal and thought about buying one, but decided to try something else. At a local Rally, I bought a Kuryakyn brake pedal adaptor for a GL1500, for $21.00. I kept the original brake pedal and installed the brake pedal adaptor.




I had to remove the foot peg bracket, to remove the brake pedal. The GL1500 brake pedal adaptor does not fit the GL1800 pedal, but with a Dremal grinder, I was able to grin away some material, to make a good fit. After I installed the brake pedal, adaptor the rest of the brake pedal arm looked dull and ugly compared to the shinny new brake pedal adaptor. I used polishing rouge and a polishing wheel to give the brake arm a chrome like finish.