Screw Driver Mod

Revision: 12/08/2008


I'm always looking for usable and unique tools, for home, car, and more important my motorcycle. This screw driver mod would be a great addition to your home, car, and motorcycle tool kit.


Tools / Materials:

  • I used a Dremel tool.
  • Epoxy glue.
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I bought this screw driver at Sears. It is will made and can be used as a T-handle for stubborn screws. The screw driver does have draw backs:

  • It is not magnetic
  • Requires special tips.



I found a solution to make it into a great tool.

Home Depot, Sears: $6.99 - $7.99

The idea is to attach a magnetic bit holder to the screw driver shaft. The magnetic bit holders come differents sizes. Some are short others are long; Some have weak magnet or strong magnets.

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I happen to have a couple of magnetic bit holders, in my tool box. There are different lengths and brands available. I decided to use the shorter one of the two, for my screw driver modification.




Harbor Freight, Sears, Home Depot: $1.99 - $6.99

I used my handy Dremel tool cut off about 5/8ths of an inch, from the bit holder shaft, so it would seat flush with the screw driver shaft.

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This is what the magnetic bit holder looks like if I don't shorten the bit holder shaft.

You can use any glue. I used epoxy to glue the bit holder in place.

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This is what screw driver looks like apart.

The screw driver converts into a Tee handle driver for extra torque.

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This is a simple screw driver mod that is versatile inexpensive and COOL.


Good luck and ride safe.