12v Air Compressor

Revision: 12/30/2002


Every time I go for a ride I feel a little insecure about having a flat especially since not too long ago I had a flat on my truck while on a trip. To patch the tire on my truck I used a radial tire plug and a portable 12V air compressor to air up the tire. The tire was fixed and I was on my way. I want to be able to do the same on my GL1800. Trunk space is a premium so I need to keep every thing as small as possible.


Wal-Mart 250 PSI 12-Volt Air Compressor $9.99
Home Depot House Lamp In-line Off/On switch $0.99
Wal-Mart Rail Tire Plug Kit $4.99

The Compressor:

I searched the Internet for a small 12-volt air compressor and found many types and sizes. The prices also ranged from $24.99 to as high as $89.99. I settled for Campbell Hausfield compressor that was on sale for $8.99, but the regular price at Wal-Mart is $9.99. I carry the next model up in my truck. It has a built in air gauge and spotlight.




Tire Plug Kit:

I bought the same Radial Tire Plug Kit that I carry in my truck. I have used it several times with out any problems.




The In-line Switch:

I really did not need this switch, but I wanted it. I wanted to be able to power Off/On the compress with a switch. I did not use the original switch because it was too cumbersome once it was removed from the case. I used an inexpensive in-line switch like the ones you see on the cord of as hanging lamp.


With a small Philips screwdriver remove the screws that hold the case together. The compressor’s power cord was about 15 feet long. I cut the power cord in half. Optional, I installed the in-line switch about 12 inches from the compressor.