Tulsa Windshield

Revision: 03/27/2007


I was not in the market for a new windshield for my 2002 GL1800. I was happy with the original Honda windshield, but it was suggested by many fellow winger that in order to reduce wind buffeting to the co-rider I needed a larger windshield. Currently there are several brands to choose from. I decided on a Tulsa standard with vent. To be honest I was thinking about buying the Typhoon windshield from Chrome World, but a member from my GWRRA chapter was selling a used clear Tulsa windshield at a reasonable price, so that is why I have the Tulsa.



I have a Honda front nose mask on my Gold Wing and that took a little time to take it off. I had never tried or seen some one install a windshield and it took me about an hour and a half. If I had to do it again it would probably take me about thirty minutes.

On my test drive, at 70 mph I felt less air hitting me and it seemed to me to be slightly quieter or shall I say that I could hear the engine better. My wife told me that she felt less wind buffeting but it was not eliminated.

On the positive side,  I felt less air hitting me; a big plus in winter. The windshield seems to cut the wind better and feels slightly more stable when passing 18-wheelers.

On the negative side, the Tulsa windshield did not eliminate all of the wind buffeting on the co-rider, and I had to re-learn how to mount the bike because my helmet kept hitting the windshield.

Additional Comments:

If I rode solo all the time I would have kept the original Honda windshield. I think that the Tulsa windshield is well made and it does help for two-up riding. I'm happy with mine.


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