Tulsa Belly Pan


I was cleaning the underside of the bike and I noticed a good size gash on the coolant reservoir tank. It looks like the coolant reservoir tank is protected by a thin peace of aluminum foil glued to it. I can put a hole in the aluminum foil with my fingernail, so I decided that I wanted something better to protect the coolant reservoir tank.

I visit several Gold Wing message boards, on the Internet, and I have read a lot about the Tulsa Enterprises GL1800 Belly Pan. What caught my attention was the protection it offered to the oil filter, coolant reservoir tank and engine cases from road debris, and as a bonus the belly pan also lessens the effect of cross winds and helps prevent air lift from under the bike.

I though of making my own belly pan, but the belly pan is reasonably prices compare to other motorcycle accessories, so I decided to order one.



I read the installation instructions that came with the belly pan, and they were simple and easy to follow, even I understood them. I estimate that it took me about twenty minutes to complete the installation.

The aluminum belly pan covers the entire underside of the engine and then some. The oil filter and the coolant reservoir tank are protected and I feel confident the belly pan well offer good protection from most road debris.

I went for a test drive to see if my new Tulsa belly pan improved the bike’s handling, on the highway. To be honest, I did not feel any difference in the handling. I got on Interstate Highway 35 North to see if I could tell any difference when passed eighteen-wheelers. I also slowed down to about 60mph to see how the bike felt when eighteen-wheelers passed me up. I have to say that I felt absolutely no difference how the bike handled. I had read so many testimonials on various Gold Wing bulletin boards on how much the belly pan can improve the bike’s handling in cross winds, tail winds, and head winds conditions. My nun-scientific simple test rides showed absolutely no difference on how the bike handled. I was expecting to feel some difference based on all the testimonials that I had read, so I was disappointed with the results.

The original reason I bought the belly pan was to protect the engine, oil filter and the coolant reservoir, and the Tulsa Belly Pan does just that, so I have to say that I was pleased with the protection that it provides.  


1 through 5, 5 being the highest score.

Review Comments Rating
Was I happy with my purchase? 5
Would I purchase another? 5
Would I recommend it?  5
Do feel that it offers go protection? 5
Did it improve my bike’s handling? 1