The Butler


Summers get very hot in San Antonio, TX, so I started looking for a way to carry a water bottle, on the handlebar, of my 2002 GL1800. Last May I was walked in a parking lot at a rally and there were hundreds of Gold Wings with different type mug holders. I noticed one that caught my attention and it was the Butler mug holder.

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I bought the 32oz Butler mug holder (bracket). It was easy to install and it took me about 5 minutes. I had the option to install the holder on the left or right side of the handlebar. Originally I installed it on the left, but recently moved it to the right side to make room for a hand held CB.

I filled the mug with ice and water and went for a ride. The mug felt snug and on bumpy roads the mug stayed in place. I am very happy with the Butler.


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Additional Comments:

I replaced the original straw with a 3 ft clear 1/4 plastic tubing. I made drinking from a straw much easier.