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What can I say? I like adding chrome goodies to my bike. The ABS chrome Visor Mirror Trim is a relatively mew item on the market and I liked the way it looked on other bikes, so I decided to buy a pair.

bigbike mirror


One of the ad's that I read said the following:

This ABS chrome Visor Mirror Trim encompasses the entire lip of the mirror. Built in visor helps to keep the sun glare off the mirror. Attaches with double sided tape. Will not interfere with Big Bike Parts LED Mirror Lights #52-649. Fits Gl1800.

I like the looks of the Visor Mirror Trim, and the ad made it sound even more appealing.

Installing the Visor Mirror Trim was not a big deal. It was a little tedious getting the double sided tape in the grove around the trim, but it was not that bad. On a few occasions while driving my wife has complained that she gets sun glare coming off the Visor Mirror Trim. The same has happened to me, but is has been rare. Over all, I like them.


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