Big Bike Arm Rest


I want my wife to be more comfortable on long trips, and installing a set of passenger arms rest would defiantly help. I surfed the internet and I found two types of arm rests.

  1. The type that mounts on the trunk.
  2. The type that mounts to the passenger handles.

I do not have two antennas on the bike and did not want to drill any holes on the trunk, so I decided to go with the Big Bike arm rests that bolt on the passenger handles.

The Arm Rests:

Before installing the arm rest I took a good look at the welding, the chrome, and the arm pads. The metal looks and feels sturdy, the chrome looks pretty good, and the arm pads are not too small. The arm rest have three separate pieces: the mounting bracket, the arm, and the arm pad. The arm rest came with 4 new passenger handle mount bolds. These bolts are slightly longer that the OEM bolts to accommodate the thickness of the arm bracket.


The installation was simple. I bought the arm rest at a rally and I was going to install them at the parking lot, but some friends decided to pitch in and give me a hand. The arm rest were installed in 5 minutes. I think if I had installed them my self it would taken me about 20 minutes.

Installation is straight forward. To make the installation go smoother and faster the trick is to:

  1. Loosen the passenger handles first, but do not remove the handles and bolts.
  2. Do the following for both sides.
  • On one of the passenger handles remove the rear handle bolt.
  • Position the rear of the arm rest bracket between the seat and the passenger handle and insert one of the new bolts.
  • Screw in the bolt but leave it loose.
  • Next remove the front passenger handle bolt and position the arm rest bracket between the seat and the handle and insert one of the new bolts.
  • Screw in the bolt and tighten both the front and rear.

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