Baker Hand Wings


I was looking for a way to cut down the wind buffeting that my wife feels when we ride. I installed a standard Tulsa windshield and it help me more than it helped her. Many riders suggested that wind deflectors under the mirrors, also called mirror wings would help reduce wind buffeting for the co rider. I found four brands of mirror wings that ranged from $29.00 to $99.00. I decided on the Baker Built Hand Wings.


To install the hand wings was simple and easy and it took me about 5 minutes. The mirror tension screws are replaced with the hand wings bracket screws. On my test drive I did not feel much difference, but my wife told me that the wind did not shake her helmet around and that made her happy. When my wife is happy, I'm happy. On the positive side the Baker Hand Wings seem to cut down on wind buffeting, are adjustable, are priced with in reason, and are easy to install. On the negative side I personally do not like the looks of the hand wings. I wish they were more stream-line and slightly larger, but they do work.

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