Beretta Neos U22 Magazine Mod

Revision: 03/026/2011


I enjoy shooting my Neos U22 pistol. I have noticed that sometimes the magazine does not lock in place when I push it into the magazine well with my palm. It appears the magazine is not flush with the bottom of the pistol grip. The magazine needs to be about 1/8 of an inch in from the base of the pistol grip to lock in place. I have to push it in with my finger to insure the magazine is locked in place.

I decided to add base pads to the magazine to insure the magazine is pushed far enough into eh magazine well when using my palm.


Here are the tools I used for my Neos U22 magazine mod. Beside the tools in the image shown I used a pair of shop scissors.


I bought a 19" inch rubber bungee cord to make the magazine base pads.


You can use super glue for rubber/plastic, epoxy for rubber/plastic, or any other adhesive. I used black silicone adhesive.


I used shop scissors to cut eight rubber blanks from the 19Ē bungee cord. I only have five magazines. I guess I have to buy another three magazines.


You will need to sand the bottom of the U22 magazine plastic base and the smooth side of the rubber blank. Sanding the surface a bit will insure the adhesive will do its job.


Once I applied the silicone adhesive I let the adhesive cure for 24 hours. I applied a little weight to help make a good seal.


Tip: I used a small hammer to hit the top of the cutting blade to create a cleaner cut.

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You donít have to drill a hole to the rubber base pad. I can easily remove the base without using the hole. If you want to make a hole use can use a drill bit and create a hole turning the bit with your fingers.


Here is a before and after shot of the magazine base pad.